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Holiday Greeting - Happy Birthday, America!

July 02, 2020

2020 is destined to become an indelible chapter in American history. In just six months, we have suffered a pandemic, encountered economic and financial disruption, and tackled civil justice issues. After all that, we deserve a star-spangled Fourth of July!

Kick your holiday off with this American trivia quiz:

1. In what battle did British General William Howe’s dog tag along with retreating Americans? (Bonus question: What did General George Washington do with the dog?)
a. Battle of Bunker Hill
b. Battle of Brandywine
c. Battle of Germantown
d. Battle of Saratoga

2. George Washington, who was the Commander of the Continental forces in New York, read the newly signed Declaration of Independence aloud in front of New York’s City Hall. The crowd rioted and tore down a nearby statue of George III. What did the revolutionaries do with the statue?
a. Sank it in New York Harbor
b. Melted it and made musket balls
c. Broke it into pieces and shipped it back to England
d. Tarred and feathered it

3. How many of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in the United Kingdom?
a. All of them
b. 24
c. 16
d. 8

4. Where did the Declaration of Independence spend WWII?
a. The Old North Church in Boston, MA
b. Fort Knox, KY
c. The Greenbrier Resort bunker, WV
d. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, VA

This year, as you celebrate life and liberty, you may find yourself thinking about your hopes for the future. We’re here to help you with a financial plan to help turn your hopes into reality. 

Happy Fourth of July!

1) C – Battle of Germantown (Washington returned the dog)1
2) B – American revolutionaries melted the statue and made 42,000 musket balls2
3) D – 82
4) B – Fort Knox, KY2

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