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Private Wealth Management

We take a detailed and deliberate approach to managing the wealth that our clients have built. We are experienced in implementing customized portfolios that include traditional and non-traditional investment strategies. Our tax and investment resources and knowledge caters to high-net-worth families who have additional complexities with their wealth.

Fiduciary Capacity. We manage assets in a way that takes on fiduciary responsibilities to be always acting in the interest of our clients. Understanding our client’s needs allows us to act on discretion as markets move. We are also able to hold assets for clients that are not actively managed, avoiding unwanted active management fees on investments that have a buy and hold objective.

Research and Communication. We pride ourselves in our research and how we communicate with our clients. Staying up to date on changes in the markets, economies, and their portfolios creates transparency, education and peace of mind when markets become volatile. Our communications include annual and mid-year outlooks, monthly video and weekly email insights on markets, and timely commentary on our changes in portfolio allocations. We assess our client’s risk capacity and continually meet with them to stay updated on their changing needs.

Tax Sensitivity. We understand the tax environment and can pair customized portfolios with tax management services to help minimize the tax hit on non-retirement assets.

Philanthropy. We are passionate about our client’s philanthropic goals. We incorporate this into our planning and investment services, offering the ability to assist in complex gifting strategies and long- term charitable planning. Additionally we practice what we preach, serving non-profit organizations and supporting some of the most important causes in our community.

We would love to understand your needs and goals, creating a deep relationship that will last across multiple generations.